Left: smiling father and baby in pool, right: circle of parents holding babies in pool, babies learning to kick water

Why water confidence & swimming skills are good for your baby....

Water provides a liberating environment for babies and infants, who may be mobility dependent on land, but acquire a new independence & freedom in the pool. Water also holds a natural curiosity for babies & infants - you will find that your child will be drawn to it and fascinated by the swirling clarity and rippling movements. Therefore as well as the fun of swimming, we focus on water safety and life saving techniques from as young as 6 months old. Our classes aim towards building their confidence, and teaching them skills that may just save their life in an emergency aquatic situation.

Our Infant Program includes children from approx 6 months to 3 years. A parent or caregiver must accompany the child in the water for these 30 minute classes. Once children turn 3, they are eligible to go into our preschool program.


  • Fun time out for both of you - a swimming lesson is quality time bonding with your baby & a chance to meet other mums & children of the same age.
  • Great exercise for baby - improves cardiovascular fitness & helps develop muscle strength, heart & lungs.
  • Early Advantage - we find that preschoolers who have come up through our baby programs have a distinct head start over those who begin after 3yrs.
  • Improves Co-ordination - activities in the lessons will develop babies motor-skills & balance.
  • Better sleeping & eating - we find that our warm water & the exercise stimulates babies appetite & the excitement & energy expended in a lesson will usually result in a baby who sleeps and eats better on their lesson days.
  • Self-confidence - as the baby's skills develop, so to will their confidence in themselves to learn & achieve.


Our Water Baby Levels:

JELLY FISH - for babies aged approx 6 months to 12 months with their parent or care giver

TURTLES - for babies aged 1 - 2 years a class for parent & baby

ANGELFISH - for babies aged 2-3 years, a class for parent & baby

All classes are 30 minutes in duration.

Important Information:

Aqua Nappy Policy:

  • All children 3 years and below MUST wear a firmly fitting swimming nappy "Happy Nappy". This is in ADDITION to any disposable aqua nappy that are worn underneath
  • This also applies to any children over the age of 3 years who are not completely toilet trained.
  • We reserve the right to ask any person that is not complying with this policy to exit the pool.
  • This Policy is in place to ensure the highest possible water quality for our patrons.

Please note that Happy Nappies are available for purchase at our Centre. Our staff will help ensure the correct size for your child.


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