Why our preschool program is focused on water-safety....?

When your child joins our preschool program, they will gain water confidence, be taught basic swimming skills, like floating & kicking and these will progress into formal strokes. Preschool aged children are statistically, the most at risk group for drowning accidents, so we also focus our lessons on teaching your child how to react in an emergency fall-in situation.
Our preschool classes are run each morning, afternoon & Saturdays (check individual centres for exact session times) & children are graded into the following groups according to their abilities. Therefore as well as the fun of swimming, we focus on water safety and life saving techniques from as young as 6 months old. Our classes aim towards building their confidence, and teaching them skills that may just save their life in an emergency aquatic situation.

Our Infant Program includes children from approx 6 months to 3 years. A parent or caregiver must accompany the child in the water for these 30 minute classes. Once children turn 3, they are eligible to go into our preschool program.

Benefits of Swimming for your Preschooler

Our Preschool Levels:


For preschoolers from 3 years. In a gentle and play orientated environment your child will learn to submerge comfortably, gain water confidence & start to learn swimming skills.


A class for more confident under 5's building upon the skills learned in periwinkles, working towards swimming unaided for 8m.


Children who can paddle 8m independently are introduced to freestyle arms with their kicking skills and body position refined. Our fully clothed swim-float-swim survival skill is taught at this level.


Freestyle with bilateral breathing & backstroke are developed in this class.

All classes are 30 min in duration with a maximum of 4 children per class