School Age

Learning to swim is a gift for life

By enrolling in our popular learn to swim program, you are giving your child one of the most important skills they will ever learn and one they will utilise for the rest of their lives. Our system of teaching children how to swim has proven to be very successful, producing swimmers with excellent swimming technique. Our program & teaching methods are continually being refined & kept up to date with the world industry standards in swim teaching. Our school age program runs every afternoon and Saturday mornings. New clients receive a complimentary assessment of their child’s swimming skills & a consultation where they will be placed into classes according to the child’s abilities. Safety is the underlining principle of everything that we do, from the teaching of our program, to the continual education of all clients and staff.

Our School Age Levels have a maximum of 4 children & run for 30 mins

Our School Age Levels:


Guppy is the starting level for children to learn water confidence and safety. The children are taught an underarm stroke with the aim of paddling 8 metres independently.


The Flying Fish level has an emphasis on kicking and is designed to prepare the children for basic freestyle and backstroke. Our swim-float-swim survival skill is taught at this level.


Children are introduced to
bi-lateral breathing progressing to correct freestyle and backstroke.


As Minnows, children will consolidate their freestyle and backstroke technique with emphasis on control and style.


An advanced learn to swim class to prepare children for mini-squads by increasing stamina & refining technique. Goldfish classes have a maximum of 5 children.

Private Lessons

Where a private lesson is necessary, we can provide a one on one swimming lesson. The teacher will focus exclusively on your child, gaining confidence, developing skills, refining techniques as the child requires. Private lessons must be paid 1 week in advance & are held at the beginning or end of a teacher’s shift. 




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