Swim School

Our Swim School programs are varied and cater to all levels and all abilities. Click below to learn more about each program:

            • Infant - Water provides a liberating environment for babies and infants, who may be mobility dependent on land, but acquire a new independence & freedom in the pool.

            • Learn to Swim - By enrolling in our popular learn to swim program, you are giving your child one of the most important skills they will ever learn and one they will utilise for the rest of their lives.

            • Squads - From our 45 minute stroke correction class to our elite level coaching program we have a class and program to suit everyone.

            • No Limits (Special Needs) - Our No Limits Program is designed specifically for people with special needs. Water based activities offer many benefits for people with special needs.

            • Adult Swimming - It is never too late to learn how to swim or get back into this fantastic sport.

            • Holiday Programs - Our school holiday intensive swim programs are an excellent way to give your child's swimming a huge boost. They are a fun, social and healthy activity for your child to do in their holidays and they achieve great results!

                • Personal Aquatic Survival Skills -  are an essential component of each level of learning across the program.    These include 

                        • sculling
                        • treading water
                        • floating
                        • safe entry and exit from the water
                        • techniques for clothed swimming survival
                        • use of devices to assist rescue, and
                        • basic swimming skills