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Swim Australia Teacher Course.

Become a Learn to Swim Teacher, it will be the best job you ever have.

Swim Australia Teacher Course, covering the teaching of swimming and water safety skills to children aged 3yrs to 12yrs.

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8.30pm – 4.30pm

McKeon Swim Centre UNANDERRA

Cost $345


If the course is unable to be held due the Public Health Order you can transfer to an alternative date or receive a refund.

The qualification involves:

  • Online theory at home prior to the one day course
  • One session of observations at a registered Swim School prior to the one day (approx 2 hours)
  • Full Day Practical course
  • On the job shadow teaching at a registered swim school. Approx 30hrs (until considered competent)
  • Final competency assessment where you will be assessed teaching a class.

You also need to have a current CPR to obtain the qualification. This is not required until you have completed all the components of the on the job teaching assessment. It can be done at any registered provider such as RLSSA and is valid for 12 months.


Babies and Toddler Course

This course will be covering the teaching of water awareness and safety skills to children under the age of 3yrs who have a parent or care giver in the water with them.

• Sunday 6th Feb 2022

• 8.30am – 2.00pm

• McKeon Swim Centre, 1 Marley Pl, UNANDERRA

• Cost $325


Contact Susie McKeon for more information.

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FAQs re the Swim Australia™ Teacher (SAT) accreditation qualification

Q: There are a number of swimming and safety Teacher courses. Which one do I have to do first?

A. There are three entry level courses. Each is stand alone and any one of them can be done first

A Swim Australia™ Teacher of Babies and Toddlers (SAT B&T) has the competence and knowledge to teach water familiarisation and basic swimming and water safety to Caregivers and their dependent learners.

A Swim Australia™ Teacher (SAT) has the competence and knowledge to teach swimming and water safety to independent learners in groups of varying sizes. Successfully completing Students of this course will receive a Statement of Attainment with the competencies required to deliver GST free, water related, personal safety and survival lessons.

A Swim Australia™ Teacher of Competitive Swimming (SAT CS) will be competent to deliver basic swimming squad sessions that develop the swimming technique of novice Swimmers – this is generally defined as Swimmers who are recent “Learn to Swim” Graduates and are in the likes of a “mini squad” (stroke improvers or transitioning from learn to swim into training squads) and still acquiring the skills needed to transition into competition. This Course is endorsed by the peak sporting body in Australia for swimming – Swimming Australia as the entry level course for the swimming coaching accreditation pathway.

Q. How are the courses conducted?

A. All SAT courses feature a best practise blended delivery technique. You will be provided with an online self-paced theory study.  Upon completion of each Unit of Study a series of randomised questions will be asked. If you answered incorrectly you will receive instant feedback and will be able to study further then re-answer. Upon completion a Theory Acknowledgement with your name on it can be printed as evidence of your completion. We recommend you also do some observation of lessons at this time. You will then attend the Practical Induction of your course which focuses on transitioning you from theory to hands on practical. Once the Practical Induction is complete you will undertake On the Job training under the supervision and direction of a Lead Teacher. As your confidence and ability grows you will progressively become more involved in the lesson delivery until a Competency Assessment determines you are at the required standard to work independently. How long this can take is determined by your skills, knowledge and abilities.

The most popular course is the Swim Australia™ Teacher. This course delivers the skills, knowledge and assessment to gain the competencies required to deliver GST free, water related, personal safety and survival lessons as determined by the federal government. Swim Australia™ Teacher accreditation is also a prerequisite for those wishing to gain specialist accreditation for teaching:

  • Adolescents and Adults (SAT AA)
  • Learners with Disability (SAT LWD)
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (SAT CALD) (yet to be released)

Q. What is the CPR requirement of the SAT Course?

A. A copy of a current CPR certificate (dated within 12 months of the course) must be provided before SAT accreditation is issued. Ultimately ongoing CPR competency is a workplace safety issue and an individual Teacher, employer and aquatic facility Manager's decision depending on their risk identification and assessment.

Q. Who recognises the SAT accreditation?

A. The Federal Government! Under the Federal Government's Vocational Training Act, competencies are established by the relevant industry training package; in this case the National Community Recreation Industry. Competencies determine one's qualification and must be recognised by all government agencies and employers. There are several Registered Training Organisations (ASCTA is one of them) that package the required vocational competencies into a skill set and offer a qualification course.

Of course the Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association, as the owners of the course, are committed to maximising its recognition – as do its divisions Swim Australia and ascta ACCREDITATION. The SAT accreditation is endorsed by Swimming Australia Ltd. (SAL) – the governing body for the sport in Australia. ASCTA is a Stakeholder in SAL; as are the State Swimming Associations and the Australian Swimmer's Association.

The International Federation of Swimming Teachers Associations (IFSTA) recognises the SAT accreditation internationally. This also provides for a unique relationship with other member organisations; for example, Teacher of Swimming Associations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Holland, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States Swim Schools Association. SAT accredited Teachers may apply for IFSTA recognition if they work in a member country.

Q. How long are the Swim Australia™ Teacher qualifications valid for?

A. 3 years. The same time period recognised by the Australian Sports Commission and Swimming Australia Ltd. for coaching qualifications. Your Swim Australia™ Teacher accreditations will also be extended to fall into line with any new SAT qualifications you gain.

Q. How do I reaccredit my Swim Australia™ Teacher accreditation/ certificate?

A. Accreditation must be renewed every 3 years. Six months prior to expiration you will be sent a reminder notice detailing your options, they include:

if you have been an ASCTA member continuously during the 3 year period, you pay a small administration fee to renew your qualification as this provides you with all the professional development you require, or

without continuous ASCTA membership you pay a somewhat larger administration fee and must document professional development activities undertaken during the previous 3 year period.

you should also note that should you undertake another SAT course that all accreditations are then updated for renewal in 3 years time from the date of the last accreditation being issued.