No Limits (Special Needs)

Water is a forgiving healer; it’s caressing and stimulating effects on people with special needs is most remarkable. Zero gravity allows for freedom that does not exist on the dry land. Optimal learning conditions, combined with kindness and patience, can release a withdrawn or hurting person from their shell.

Our No Limits Program is designed specifically for people with special needs. Our teachers are trained in special needs aquatics and can give you the opportunity to enjoy the water and experience the relaxation and amazing freedom that swimming has to offer. Our staff members are highly educated, passionate and will work with you to help you achieve your goals.

Swimming also helps to improve cardio respiratory fitness, muscular endurance and helps reduce body fat. Regular exercise can improve confidence, self esteem and reduce the incidence of injury. We believe that people with special needs can achieve amazing things in the water.

McKeon’s Swim Centre at Unanderra has recently had a new hoist installed to help people with limited mobility, special needs and injuries to enjoy a range of aquatic activities.

We aim to integrate where possible into mainstream classes. We believe there are many additional benefits if inclusion can be achieved. For the more serious No Limits swimmer, we can offer a pathway into Multi Class competitive swimming. 

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Learning to swim is a skill for life

Our classes are tailored to suit a range of special needs. We will cater for the needs of individual swimmers and you can choose from a variety of lessons;

  • Group Lesson - If children are able to be integrated into a mainstream class, the maximum class size is reduced by one. When you book into a group lesson, that place is yours for the term. If you are unable to make your lesson and notify the swim school in advance, we will endeavour to offer you an alternative lesson. We are, however, unable to guarantee that the group class size will be reduced in an alternative lesson.
  • Private Lessons - Where a private lesson is necessary, we can provide a one on one swimming lesson. The teacher will focus exclusively on your preferences for activities including swimming and stroke development, aquatic exercise, movement in water and relaxation. Carers welcome at no extra charge. Private lessons must be paid one week in advance and are held at the beginning or end of a teacher's shift. If notification of absence is received within two hours of the lesson, there is no charge for that lesson.
  • Casual Swimming - You can also choose to swim casually at your leisure using our equipment to enjoy all of the benefits that water has to offer.

Group and private lessons available at Unanderra and Towradgi 

All other activities available only at Unanderra

Call our friendly staff on 4272 7272 for more information about any of these sessions.